Award-winning, NYC-based storyteller

Robin Bady

brings her acclaimed solo show

Nancy Drewinsky

and the Search for the Missing Letter

to the New York City Fringe this October.


Using her decades of acting and storytelling experience, Bady takes a funny yet sobering look at her family’s hidden past in order to make sense of her present.


In 1960, nine-year-old Robin Bady aspired to be the next Eliot Ness. She wrote a letter to J. Edgar Hoover detailing her qualifications, and Hoover himself replied: “As you know, women can not be agents, but they can be file clerks.”

Unbeknownst to young Robin, her family was already acquainted with the FBI. In 1953, 41 Jewish scientists were labeled Communist spies by Sen. Joseph McCarthy.  Robin’s father was one of them … though it wasn’t until years later that she made this heart-wrenching discovery. To name her fears and claim her truth, Bady reveals the deeply personal story of what happened when her father was accused of being a traitor. Her family was  never the same.


The New York
International Fringe Festival

685 Washington Street
New York, NY

SAT 10/13 2:15 PM
MON 10/15 3:00 PM
FRI 10/19 8:00 PM
FRI 10/26 6:15 PM
SUN 10/28 5:00 PM

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