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""I ... felt myself oddly reassured by [Robin Bady’s] solo show about her family’s persecution during McCarthyism. The persecution is not so reassuring, but making theatre about it, especially during the new period we’re entering, is very much so"

TravSD, Travalanche

"Robin Bady lived this story! This story is actually true! Amazing!"

Antwan Lewis, Fox 5 News Anchor

"Nancy Drewinsky is history at its best – intertwining the personal and political – a mix of humor and mystery."

Loren Niemi, Founder of the Public Policy Project

"A story well-spun and enticingly performed. We all to-a-person, simply HAD to "Lean In" and nestle safely in the bosom of a very personal Robin Bady story."

Veronica Redd, actress, “The Young and Restless"

"My favorite show at the Indy Fringe!"

Lou Ann Homan, Professor, Trine University

"Wow! I never heard about any of this. It’s history and personal history and was really really good. Every kid should see this show."

7th grade student

"Robin Bady’s show last night spellbinding! Gripping story, artful performance, haunting political truths, funny laughing and warm atmosphere."

Audience member, NY International Fringe

"Spellbinding! Gripping story, artful performance, haunting political truths, funny laughing and warm atmosphere. The Full house spilled over into extra chairs."

Audience member, United Solo

"She is both convincing and serious, yet able to inject humor in her story (some self-deprecating, but it wasn’t “phony.”) You know that what she was talking about was very painful. It is so well done – she is so talented! I admired that she could convey the outrage without generating rage within the audience.. .she just does it so well. "

Marion Oliner – audience member, Dorot

"Robin Bady held us all in rapt attention as she shared the story of her family’s experience during the McCarthy Era and its ripple effects even to present day. Braiding several storylines together, Robin’s vivid storytelling had us on the edges of our seats. We were left breathless and inspired. What a show! What a storyteller!"

Audience member

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